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Dr. Ir. Osfar Sjofjan, MSc
Dr. Anuraga Djayanegara, SPt., MSc Wahyu Darsono, SPt., MSi
Ir. Jola JMR Londok, MSi
Ir. Youdhie HS Kowel, MSi
Mursye N Regar, SPt., MSi

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Volume 1 Nomor 2 Maret 2015
: Journal
: 1111-1015
Online ISSN
: 1111-1015

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His Excellency Governor of North Sulawesi The honorable Rector of The University of Sam Ratulangi, The Dean of Faculty of Animal Science, University of Sam Ratulangi, Distinguish guests, participants, ladies and gentlemen,

First of all, on behalf of the Indonesian Animal Nutritionist and Feed Scientist Association (AINI), I would like to extend our warmest welcome, and indeed it is a great pleasure to see you all in this room, participating in the 4tdInternational Seminar and 10th Biennial Meeting of AINI held in Manado North Sulawesi. At this time being, AINI is almost 20 years old since its first establishment in 1996 at Bogor. AINI was created with the objectives to gather all of the animal nutrition and feed scientists in Indonesia permitting to the exchange of knowledge and experiences under spirit of brotherhood, to stimulate the advancement of science and technology in nutrition and feed science, thus benefiting to the competitiveness of livestock agribusiness.

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